The Rainbow House Interior Home Design


This house is called The Rainbow House,because the whole idea is inspired by a rainbow. It's designed by the Chief Designer of Moderne named Max Lam and  located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. The main colours of this home are red, yellow and green . The rainbow goes from the lounge to the dining room, from walls to ceilings, thoroughly decorates feet high ceiling. The distinctive stainless steel lamps together with the vibrant settings, contribute to a sharp and classy surroundings. Max combined the rooms in to, in order to enlarge the space. A green wall and an orange wall make a powerful contrast, which lead to a conceptual differentiation between bedroom and study room. The built-in white shelves, desks and high cabinet in the study room are simple and functional. All the contemporary modern classical furniture came from designer's invaluable collection from lots of European countries. All these classics make an inspiring contribution to the playful and vibrant Rainbow House.


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