Bedroom and Home Office Ideas

Bedroom and second-floor balcony workspace. Both spaces shared the challenge of awkward room dimensions. The workspace was tight, cramped and colorless. The bedroom had a modest 10-by-11-foot floor area, plus the added challenge of a soaring ceiling that dwarfed the room's furnishings. As if these complications weren't enough, the couple needed to equip each room to serve both as a place for slumber and for working from home. Through clever furniture selections and the art of multipurpose design, they created streamlined rooms that balanced scale, proportion and color – maximizing every inch of space along the way.

While the first-floor bedroom was packed with an abundance of natural light streaming in from a 12-by-10-foot combination window/sliding glass door, its overall 10-by-11-foot dimensions were tight. The room's soaring 22-foot ceiling presented a decorating challenge to keep the space grounded; furniture placed in the room was instantly in danger of being dwarfed by the room's enormous height. 

First up on the couple's list was to determine the overall direction for the look and feel of the bedroom. The room's ample natural light and modern architecture encouraged the couple to draw inspiration from one of their favorite vacation spots, sunny Palm Springs, California. Known for its mid-century modern style and breathtaking sunsets, Palm Springs provided the perfect reference point for the couple's choice of furniture and color. Keeping in mind the principles of modern architecture – which include selecting low-profile furniture, capitalizing on natural light and keeping surfaces sparse – Briana and Buzz opted for a platform bed, dainty Danish modern nightstands made from walnut, and added a pair of white wire 1950s chairs with bold orange vinyl upholstery. Briana recalls, "Unfortunately, though the pieces were all the right scale and definitely fit the space stylistically, our huge ceiling still made everything seem disconnected."

The expansive bedroom space could be visually anchored by a large piece of art that would fill the space above the bed at the right proportion. This would take the focus off the awkward dimensions of the room, bringing attention onto the shape and color of the art itself. As far as art selection was concerned, a print by Jonathan Adler not only evoked the mid-century vibe of their source of inspiration, Palm Springs, but also had tones reminiscent of the city's sunsets: orange, pink and purple. With orange as the couple's favorite color, they chose graphic striped bedding in a tangerine tone that picked up on the color in the artwork as well as the wire chairs just a few feet away. The couple opted for a floating frame to keep the colorful, retro piece feeling light, and the art was sized 3-by-3 feet, to stay in check proportionately with the scale of the bed.

How to keep the surfaces of their bedroom nightstands uncluttered. To light the sleeping area properly without taking up valuable nightstand tabletop space, the designer suggested attaching sconces directly to the walls roughly 20 inches above the tops of the nightstands. Immediately in love with the idea, the couple bought a pair of mid-century modern Nelson sconces in a shape referred to as "cigar," then a hired handyman attached them into studs with screws. This solution was ideal for the couple's rented loft, since the sconces simply plug into outlets instead of being hard-wired into junction boxes. 

With the sleeping area nearly complete,  to creating space for  laptops a popular trend in modern furniture, the C-table. Shaped like the letter C so that the bottom curves up over the top of a seating surface and the bottom slides underneath a sofa or a bed, these tables offer a small surface at the right height for working on laptops when lounging. This solution was ideal not only for adding temporary workspace but also for providing a hinged top where laptops and books could be stored inside when not in use.

Although the sleeping area was now functional and aesthetically pleasing, it seemed incomplete. The very last design element for the bedroom was to create a focal point from the doorway. To feature a framed photograph of a palm tree  the room's main source of inspiration. Yet the loft's dimensions made it difficult to find wall space on which to display the artwork.  The entire room now met their needs, providing a space at once functional and relaxing – all while invoking that clean, mid-century modern vibe Palm Springs is known for.

Creat a Romantic Rome Home Interior Design

Creat a Romantic Rome with Red, Pink and White
Romantic pink living room

Romantic Bedroom: Lace Bedding. Mix elderly and new, sheer and crocheted. Start by layering your bed with crochet-edge sheets (purchase or sew crochet trim to plain sheets), then top it with an extra-wide lacy panel. The look is pure romance.

Romantic pink living room: Red and pink couch, white walls and floors. Look for damaged pieces of vintage lace to recycle in to pillow decoration. Salvage the best sections for the project and stitch onto colorful fabrics so the delicate designs pop.

Sensational Black Walls Interiors Design Applied at Modern House

30 Sensational Black Walls Interiors Applied at Modern House
Black Walls Designs (23)
Black Walls Designs (3)
Black Walls Designs (16)
Black Walls Designs (30)
Black Walls Designs (26)
Black Walls Designs (10)

It's very fascinating to see black walls at any houses since lots of dominant wall colors usually are white, cream or even lime green. Today we're going to take you and revealed the dramatic and unique black walls where in turn it creates such incredible interior design. Black painted walls, chalkboard walls, elegant black wallpaper and several black accents can modify the appearance of your room. Here they have pics also black colors applied in smaller spaces (all of us know how tiny spaces suitable with lighter color). In this smaller spaces, using black may even look modern and elegant where in return the color combination also play contrast and enhance the effect of dark walls. All interior ideas have things in common and those are bravery as well as a well designed spaces. So do enjoy our 30 exquisite black wall interiors for a contemporary home.



Modern Bedroom Design Ideas - Italian Presotto

air bed
air bed
bachelor bedroom
bachelor bedroom
chocolate luxury bedroom furniture
chocolate luxury bedroom furniture
cloudcbed bedroom decor
cloudcbed bedroom decor
curvy minimal bedroom ideas
curvy minimal bedroom ideas
Platform beds are much healthier, much more fascinating version is perhaps the equivalent of 1970 trend with water. Furniture designers transformed it in to self-sufficient islands, Suite-ready single floating squares & cloud structure. Beds like these by Italian Presotto, a modular furniture design company, numerous combinations of structure, style, color offer & makes use of leather or wood, bowed headboard & rectangular, square or floating heavy furniture that appear self-sufficient, with tables & sofa-like platforms.

Creative Interior Design


Creative interior design schemes appear to come naturally for the designers at Geometrix Design. They had to share this particular work with you. Although it is the inside of a creative agency's office space, the ideas can be as basically applied to the inside of a home in case you are brave that is. The continuity of the floor, wall and ceiling treatment creates a very special vibe in the lounge room. If a green textured covering is not your thing, think about what kind of effect continuing a wood floor in the same manner would have.

Pink Design Interior Pictures

a feminine pink bedroom
a feminine pink bedroom

We have selected toning pinks for this exuberant yet feminine bedroom. Sexy Pink on the right creates a feature wall and is complemented beautifully with Sweet Pink on the back wall and Strawberries and Cream on the window frames.
girl room pink design, pink princess room
pink princess room

The pink princess theme is of the most popular choices among tiny girls, teenagers, even young adult ladies,when it comes to their bedroom.  every young girl dreams of being a princess and decorating her room in this manner is popular.
country room with pink

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s Marshmallow Bunny; the sofa is from Ralph Lauren.

pink and black room
pink and black kitchen

pink and white, a clean room
pink and white, a clean room

Pink and gold interior design
Pink and gold interior design

3D Interior Design Renders

Gorgeous 3D Interior Designs Renders by iceci3
3D Interior living room designs Renders
3D Interior Designs Renders by iceci3 (3)
3D Interior Media Room and Living Room Idea
3D Interior Designs Renders – Master Bedroom Idea
3D Interior Designs Master Bedroom
3D Interior Designs Renders iceci3

Today they will be visiting several stunning 3D interior designs & it was made by iceci3 found at Flickr. It's an amazing work & techniques they used in designing these interiors. The interiors here are applying luxurious fitting. The high details used are astonishing, giving the impression that the inside designs appear so actual. The arrangements of furniture home décor matches with floorings, walls, & ceilings.
The color selected is simple however the designer remains consistent on the color selected. Iceci3 doesn't stick with a specific style & taste & you can see the range of the 3D interior designs done here shown giant selection & diverse interior ideas which might be suitable to be applied to your house.

White House Interior Design In Winter Pictures

White house
White house

Living and dining area
Living and Dining area

All white kitchen, clean and beautiful

All white master bedroom
Master bedroom
Living room

Vintage style
Vintage style

White glass doors
Glass door

This is a old villa renovated in 1800′s style. The big white wooden house with the beautiful window panels blend into the winter landscape of Brastad, Bohuslän. 

Luxury Interior Design Home

A lot of variety that can be applied here in the created partition in the design room minimalist although looks simple but it seems so elegant & splendid, the room also in the baffle design is neat design with a light brown wood packing design with a round in middle part of the contents of the glass designs such as ice-hardened, another design is a wall decoration that is in the house with light toy design & natural stone in the dressing with iron setenlist the impression in the show so unique & feel more pretty, all decoration designated for this in the house that would seem more.
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