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Interior Design Glass Home by Werner Sobek

interior - design of glass home

Houses with walls of glass that is designed to provide an fabulous place to live. Supported directly by the pretty natural beauty. Equipped with parallel sliding doors are a special feature of the building to another. The lounge is bright, minimalist interior design, and an additional bedroom downstairs. Next to the north side of the main building there is a double garage, which can be accessed directly from the basement, and also there is a staircase in the lounge is a direct link to the home. The idea of energy utilization to be sure that all the energy needed to run the building gained from regenerative sources. Blending expertise with a geothermal energy method as well as a highly efficient heat pump that creates the energy needed to produce hot water and heating and cooling needs. The whole surface of the roof is equipped with photovoltaic systems that generate additional power over the annual average of the buildings in which they live. This is the first building in the world where Zero idea developed by Werner Sobek will be fully implemented.
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