Interior Design for Modern Kitchen

This kitchen depicts urban liveliness, simplistic luxury and a great deal of elegance. All modern kitchen designs have one thing in common: they all create the sense of ease and splendor without "over-decoration." The kitchen island, cabinets and bar stools of matching color add harmony and orderliness to the room. Red is not a safe choice, but by contrasting it with a neutral shade like white, you can bring about quite a refreshing visual interest. The rows of built-in lamps hidden in the ceiling give the room a neat look while providing plenty of lighting for kitchen tasks. The shiny laminate countertops are both durable and affordable. Plus, it pairs well with the high-sheen tiles.
Before buying a kitchen island, however, you should ask yourself a few questions. Is there going to be enough space for traffic between work zones? Do you really need more counter space or just extra storage? Would a kitchen island improve efficiency in your cooking activities? Or would it only be a new nest for your kitchen clutter? A kitchen island not only serves practical purposes but can also increase the aesthetic quality of the cooking area. By choosing an island of proper size, style and color, it can become a stunning focal point of the room. On the downside, if you let things pile up on it, your mess will also be grandly displayed. For smoother kitchen traffic, the island should be at least 3 feet away from other furniture around it. In case your room has a limited square-footage, try adapting a small dining table or slim-looking dresser into a nifty island.
With playfulness in designs and material options, a shoe-box kitchen can turn into a chic cooking arena. Row after row of simple wooden cabinets might make this kitchen look too dull and boxy. The aluminum-framed glass doors help enliven the appearance of those ordinary cabinets. Still boxy, but boxy with style. In addition, the transparent doors allow you to boast your collections of cute kitchen gadgetsand charming dinnerware, without having to worry they might get all dusty.
The gray granite countertop nicely contrasts with its laminate red body. That one open shelf between lines of cabinets adds more funkiness to the kitchen geography as well as provides a special "stage" for showing off your best collectibles. Above the refrigerator, deep cubbyholes serve as a lovely wine storage area. This kitchen does not offer a large counterspace; a wine rack might take away quite a bit of valuable work surface. Overall, this room is very well designed for both function and beauty. Although the wooden floor subtly unites the kitchen with other parts of the house, its little platform also does a fine job at marking the cooking realm and creating some sense of exclusiveness.
Modern families don't usually own a very big kitchen. Wise home-owners know how to use every single square foot to its best advantage. Instead of getting a traditional dining table, try to find a charming corner and invent your own kitchen nook. In this picture, the empty space under a bay window has been transformed into creative seating for three. The cushions and accent pillows of various colors evoke the artistic sense of "modern misfits." The wheeled table with a pentagonal tabletop nicely complements this quirky design as well as increases versatility of the room. Very chic. Very practical. When the dining time is over, just wheel it away. You can then use this area for other activities rather than dining.



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