2011 Modern House Design and Architecture

The Modern House Design holds a special place in the field of architecture and environment. There is more variety in the design of houses than in any other type of architecture. Houses are built in almost every corner of every cities, suburbs, small town, beaches, country sides and mountains. And in each of its  settings  the houses are built to face towards the   natural environment and respond to it in both subtle and  obvious ways.

We explore such a modern house in this post. The Dalvey Estate House designed by Aamer Taher is not only outsanding for its modern architecture but also for its approach to a family orientated interior spaces and design.

The Dalvey House extends a family centric aesthetics to most of its living spaces. This residence looks at communal living with a modern perspective. The Dalvey Estate house brings new meaning to the term “Modern House Design”.

The master study cantilevered out over the driveway  appears to  float and provides grand views of garden, swimming pool and the main entrance.

The most outstanding feature is the wood strip oval shape cylinder that houses the bedrooms on the 2nd. floor and recreational and guest room at ground level.

Playful architecture takes advantage of the tropical light to demonstrate the play of ambient light and shadow in this stylish  residence.

The Dalvey House is truly a Modern House Design that is family centric and stylish.


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