Crown Moulding Interior Home Design

crown moulding in bedroom ideas
Crown Moulding in  The Bedroom

crown moulding design
Crown Moulding in The Dinning room

crown moulding ideas
Crown Moulding in The Wall Design

crown moulding in the bathroom
Crown Moulding in The Bathroom

crown moulding in the kitchen
Crown Moulding in the Kitchen

The idea of crown mouldings has been traced to Greek and Roman times when it was vastly popular. Made of wood, this home decor gained in popularity when Greek and Roman craftsmen learned the arts of cutting, sanding, and carving the wood in to delicate looking masterpieces.
Crown moulding is a decorative strip that is usually made of wood or plastic, and sometimes even fiberboard. These are sometimes introduced to a room to cover up wall or ceiling flaws, but normally are basically meant to beautify the home.


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