Contemporary Kitchen , A Kitchen with Two Islands by Sharon Sherman

Sharon Sherman of Thyme & Place Design solved the traffic pattern in this kitchen by giving it two islands, of different heights and serving different purposes, such as food preparation versus dining.

When deciding to build a new two-story house on a foundation of existing farms and to the contemporary kitchen's something for everyone. For a vegetarian, necessary preparation area on the island that can be used exclusively for fresh produce. However, the only logical place for the refrigerator was directly across the island.
Kitchen neat design that belies the fact that it houses a full stove and refrigerator, rubbish disposal, microwave, second oven, a refrigerator under the cabinet and integrated dishwashers It makes lots of double island right solution to solve the issue of traffic patterns. The 52-inch "preparation island" has a bar sink and mini fridge under, the 72-inch "noshing island" is designed to accommodate the pull-up stools for casual dining and has a generous storage underneath.
Classically, the rear seats are made of aluminum 80-percent-recycled enhance the contemporary feel. Antique-brown granite kitchen countertops around the perimeter, while the American white granite countertops give the island a tiny punch.
Separate islands also help visually expand the kitchen, in fact, is the space, long and narrow. They also make efficient way from a sink full size refrigerator built-in, with pull-out pantries on either side.


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