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Concrete is a mixture of sand and cement krikil (split), which is a construction sala very important in building the structure, function of the concrete is urged to hold power, so in making concrete work should be considered carefully, in order to achieve the quality of concrete in accordance with expected.


Before making concrete begins, all equipment and transporter mixing concrete should be clean, before the concrete casted in locations to cast dirt must be cleaned of dirt.


Mixing concrete on the quality of concrete, but the quality of Bo, should be done with a mixing machine, in order to perfect mixing, during mixing progresses, the thickness of the concrete mixture should be kept, whether the amount of water is quite appropriate pencapur, the stirring time depends on the capacity of the beater, but in general while stirring taken at least 1.5 minutes after all materials entered into the drum mixer, the perfect note when mixing mortar results have the same color.


Transporting concrete mixture from the mixing place should be conducted casting happens not to separation and loss of material, if the transport distance away and take time, typically a concrete mixture should be casted within 1 hour after mixing with water, and if necessary a long transport time, the period it can be extended 2 hours but the concrete mixture should be driven mechanically continuous, if it took even longer then needed materials binding inhibitors.

FOUNDRY and compaction

Concrete should be casted as close as close to the final goal to prevent the separation of materials due to the transfer of mixture in the molds, since the casting started, the work should be continued without stopping until it reaches a specified location. To prevent cavities and nest cavity nests empty gravel, concrete mixture should be solidified during casting, compaction can be done with mortar or grind numbuk by hitting hit print, but it is recommended to use a mechanical compactor (vibrator)


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